5 Essential Checklists before Buying a Plot in Bhanur, Hyderabad

Investing in plots is an important decision of someone’s life and the decision must be made carefully by doing proper research and careful planning. A checklist with all the major points along with minute details must be made before buying a plot in Bhanur so that there is no discrepancy at a later stage. The real estate sector in Hyderabad has seen a steady rise in the recent past, and before making any investment verifying all the facts is very essential.

Bhanur is one of the fastest-growing residential locations in Hyderabad owing to the infrastructural development in the area which has created immense value for the real estate in Bhanur. Bhanur is geographically located in Sangareddy near Patancheru. Here, are the 5 essential checklists before buying a plot in Hyderabad, especially in Bhanur.

5 Essential Checklists before Buying a Plot in Bhanur, Hyderabad

5 Essential Checklists before Buying a Plot in Bhanur

1. Location

The location of any plot is the most essential checklist before making an investment, and it is very important to know about the area where someone is planning to reside. The location makes an impact in the day to day life of the person or the family residing out there. Bhanur is close to Hyderabad’s Outer Ring Road and is well-connected to some of the important areas of Hyderabad, which includes Shankarpalli, Gopanpally, Nallagandla, Tellapur, Patancheru, and Mokila. This makes Bhanur a well-connected place with many essential locations of Hyderabad, and a good channel of connectivity means a good transportation facility as well. So, daily commuters do not face any difficulty in traveling. Apart from this, the plot must be in a secured and safe place as well so that one can stay in a relaxed environment. Bhanur is known for its industrial location for central government establishments such as BDL and ODF, which makes the area a well-reputed with good neighborhood and surroundings, where one can be relaxed and also surrounded by educated people.

2. Connectivity

One of the most essential checklists is the connectivity of the area with essential services, which includes a market, medical facility, school, etc. The nearest railway station from Bhanur is Shankarpally, which is only 6.6km away. This also houses several schools, banks, markets, hospitals, and other infrastructure facilities. The IT hubs, located in Gachibowli and Madhapur are easily accessible from Bhanur. It takes only 30 minutes to reach Wipro circle from Bhanur. The proposed 338 kilometre long Regional Ring Road will certainly improve the connectivity of Bhanur with the main districts of Hyderabad. It will prove to be a boon for real estate investment. Bhanur has ample educational institutions in its vicinity, and more educational institutions are lined up to be built in Bhanur to enable the residents a larger choice. Also, there will be no requirement to travel to other places for good education. Global Indian International School, Narayana County School, DAV BDL Public School, Primary School Kondakal, Indus International School, SIP Shankarpalli, Primary School Sheriguda, and Narayana Olympiad Cos on Shankarpalli Road are some of the noted educational institutes close to Bhanur.

The medical facility is another important criterion and Bhanur has close proximity to BDL Hospital, Primary Health Centre in Patancheru, and the centrally-located Sri Sai Sushritha Ayurvedic Hospital near Bhanur Junction that makes the place well equipped with medical facilities.

3. Land Record

The record of the land such as quality of the soil, and land topography is very important before making investment. Research should be done thoroughly before purchasing a plot. Also, there should not be any dues on the plot and the plot must be registered. Bhanur is under the stage of strategic development and the full pace of commercial development in and around Shankarpalli has made Bhanur a preferred destination for upcoming buyers and investors. Investing by buying a plot in Bhanur will be very profitable for Bhanur. This will be witnessing the manufacturing of India’s MPATGM missile which makes the place a prominent choice for investment and will prove to be profitable for the investors from every dimension.

4. Cost

One of the most important criteria of investing by buying a plot in Hyderabad is to prepare the budget once the location and connectivity is verified. The budget will help to decide the size of the plot which can be bought and what return can be gained from the investment. The prosperity and well established locations such as Gachibowli and Madhapur near Bhanur has made the location expensive in terms of prices, thereby attracting the attention of the potential investors who are looking for a long term goal which can be gained by buying a plot in Bhanur. Investors always have a goal of good returns and it is an essential point to check the amount of return which a plot can fetch. Buying a luxurious property in Bhanur will be a smart investment which will provide immense profit in future. Since Bhanur real estate has been constantly witnessing enormous growth, the prices will definitely increase dramatically. Overall Bhanur has a lot of potential growth in the days to come and is expected to pitch-in more projects from reputed builders which will make the location the most demanded one and an early investment will garner long term profits.

5. Environment and Amenities

This checklist is a must before any investment and a thorough check must be done of the basic amenities of the area, such as uninterrupted water and electric supply in the area. The plan is to invest in a plot. Also, if a situation of scarcity arrives then the back-ups available or not should be checked. Apart from this, condition of roads and safety measurements such as law and order of the area is an important consideration. Bhanur is a fast developing area with advanced infrastructure and commercial development. Also, Bhanur is one of the peaceful and well mobilized locations in Hyderabad for making a smart investment.

Make a smart and wise choice by verifying the 5 essential checklists before buying a plot in Bhanur, Hyderabad so that the investment turns out to be the best and most profitable one. Bhanur from the real estate perspective is the place to build fortune and today’s investment will be returned in multiple folds in the near future.

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