A Guide to Buying Residential Plots in Hyderabad

If you are reading this, you must have already thought about buying a plot and might be looking for suggestions on the same.

First of all, your decision for buying a plot is absolutely a smart one. It’s definitely a better investment option that could fetch you higher resale value than other real estate properties.

Before you decide zero down on your favourite plot, there are certain factors you should be considering. You might already be well aware of some of those and some might be new to you. In this blog, we’ll guide you through those aspects so that you can make a well-informed decision and get the perfect plot you are looking for.

A Guide to Buying Residential Plots in Hyderabad

First and foremost: LOCATION

Location is the key aspect of any real estate property. The same applies to open plots as well.
Choose your plot in such a location which has easy access to the city’s prominent areas. Remember, location is one of the biggest factors that could fetch you great returns on your investment.

Even if you are buying an open plot for building your dream home, the significance of ‘location’ cannot be ignored at all. Hospitals, educational institutions, entertainment hubs and other such conveniences shouldn’t be too far away from the location of your plot.

How big is it and what is it worth?

You do not want your dream home to be in a cramped up plot, right? Therefore, do a thorough check to see that if the available built-up area matches the area required to build your dream home. Apart from this ensure to check on the topography of the soil as well.

Even if you find an amazingly great deal, never be in a hurry to buy a plot. Ensure to do thorough research on the value of the plot you are planning to buy. Once you are aware of it cross-verify the same with an agent so that you make an informed decision on buying the plot.

The credibility of the seller

Do cross-verify the seller and their past and current projects. See if someone has already bought a plot from the area before. Post your queries in online real estate forums where you can understand more about the plot and the builder from different sources.

Check for the title deed of the plot you have in mind. Make it a point to see that if the ‘full right’ to sell the property lies with the seller and nobody else. It is very important to check if the seller really has full rights over the property. If these areas are not checked and confirmed, your dream home or reselling of the plot will go for a toss.

Apart from this, you have to ensure whether the plot has all the necessary approvals such as approved by the City Development Corporation and the local body. If yes, do ask for approval documents and see to it that they are verified by a lawyer.

All of these factors will help you make an informed decision when you are buying an open plot in Hyderabad.

Do your research thoroughly and do not fall for any fraudulent sellers who might try to trick you with unbelievable offers or plots of lesser value.

Buy Residential Plots in HyderabadSterling’s Aster Meadows

Sterling’s Aster Meadows is a gated community of premium open plots in Bhanur, near BDL. These 200 to 300 square yards plots are ready for registration and are also ready for construction.

Some of the key features of Sterling’s Aster Meadows are:

  • Electrical connections with armoured cables
  • Borewell water supply through a high-density polyethene
  • 100 ft main road and 30 ft internal blacktopped roads
  • 24-hour security and security office with access control services
  • High street lighting
  • Harvesting chambers for rainwater percolation
  • Beautifully landscaped lush green parks
  • Drainage connection with eco-drain pipes
  • A gated community of plots with boundary walls
  • And many more

With that being said, Sterling’s Aster Meadows open plots are great investment opportunities for you in Hyderabad’s real estate.
The vast multitude of locational advantages you get to enjoy at Bhanur itself could be convincing enough for you to buy a plot with Sterling’s Aster Meadows.

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