Sterling Heights to launch new project in Mansanpally, near Shamshabad

Sterling Heights Mansanpally, near Shamshabad

After the successful launch of a plotted community with Palm Retreat, close to Shankarpally, a village on Hyderabad’s outer city limits, Sterling Heights is replicating the achievement at Aster Meadows in Bhanur, near Patancheru.

Buoyed by these results, the group has chosen a parcel of land in Mansanpally, near Shamshabad, a suburb in the southwestern part of Hyderabad, to launch another gated community of open plots.         

Located at a 20-minute drive away from Hyderabad’s Outer Ring Road, Sterling Mansanpally will make available plots for sale where people can build their future homes which may resemble the ones they dream of often as faithfully as possible. For many others, it will serve as an investment opportunity.     

Real estate is one of the best investment options in India. But people are unsure as to which is the best real estate investment option in this country. Other than plots, you can buy independent houses or apartments and resell them. However, plots, bought in locations that have growth potential, are the best gambles, according to many realty experts. Of course, there could be exceptions to the rule as anywhere else.

Advantages of buying plots over apartments


To buy a plot, an aspiring owner needs to invest far lesser money than when the individual would have to while buying a house/apartment.    

High resale value

When a neighbourhood begins to show signs of growth, the land available for further development dries out, leading the prices of the plots to increase exponentially. This is when a plot owner can sell at a good profit.     

No limits to any type of construction

Individuals buying a plot for residential purposes can build a house as per the requirements of their families. They can have a house with a large base area or alternately have many floors if they have joint families where they can live and cook separately within the same structure. Going forward, they can add more rooms and floors as well or lease them out.

Maintenance costs are low

When an individual buys a vacant plot of land, that person need not spend huge money for maintaining it. Electrical repairs, plumbing and such other works need not be taken into consideration. You only have to ensure that bushes do not grow in an unwieldy fashion. Even if it does, it does not cost much to get it back into shape cost-effectively and efficiently.

If Sterling Mansanpally is stimulating enough interest in you, then mail them or give them a call to book a plot immediately.          

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