Vastu Tips for Selecting and Buying Plot/Land

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Vastu Tips for Selecting and Buying Plot/Land

Vastu Shastra for buying land is concerned to invite positive energy to your space. Typically, people think about Vastu Shastra after purchasing their plot. That is why they face common Vastu issues most of the time regardless of the whole thing in the house is at the right place.

However, there are some essential Vastu elements that you have to keep in mind before buying a plot. Here are Vastu Tips for buying a plot and selecting plot/land to radiate positivity in your life.

Ideal Plot Shapes/ Vastu Shastra for Plot Shapes

Here are Vastu tips for knowing plot Vastu.

Square Plot

For commercial and residential purposes square plots are suitable. Square has no incomplete or lacking corner, and that is regarded as lucky in accordance to Vastu. Choose the northeast or East facing or north-facing square plots for excellent returns.

Rectangular Plot

Similar to Square, rectangular plots convey completeness to your residential stay or industrial space. Property that is North or South slope is best, as Vastu says. Choose the rectangular plot with a size and width ratio of 1:2 or less for most benefits.

Vastu Shastra recommendations on Land Cut-Outs

North-East Cut

The northeast nook is viewed as the luckiest corner per Vastu Shastra for buying land. They believe it inauspicious for any purpose if there is a cut in north-east. The proprietor might not see any progress in life.

North-West Cut

For residential purposes, a cut at the north-west nook indicates illness in the family. If the property is for industrial use, you may not witness profitable growth.

South-West Cut

The south-west cut brings unnecessary strain in life. It can be from jobs, relationships, money, health, or anything leading to psychological issues.

South-East Cut

Vastu claims the South-east cut to be an obstruction in your life. This fault can carry poverty, disease, and loss to the household or business. If you have a commercial pilot with a south-east cut, strive to fix it with Vastu remedies.

Best Vastu Recommendations for Plot Selection

 Remedies as Per The Function of The Plot

  • The land need not have any nearby graveyard, cremation ground, mausoleum, or something of burial.
  • Strictly keep away from the land contrary to hospital, nursing home, or any non-secular institution.
  • The real-estate property has two giant plots or structures on the two surrounding sides; Vastu considers it as a blockage of positive strength into the smaller space. These plots attract misfortune and loss.
  • Avoid having a rubbish dump or sewage close to the plot for commercial or residential use.
  • Hills, mountains, vast land, taller buildings, or trees are regarded as lucky when they are in the west or the southwest route of the house.

Remedies as Per the Shape of The Plot

  • Vastu considers a plot with roads on the four sides fortunate for business and residential purposes.
  • Vastu claims that vacant land in the North-east or North direction is prosperous.
  • Land with a lake, canal, river, or water body in the north or east direction is fortunate and auspicious.

 Uniformity of The Plot

If the plot is intended for residential purposes, opt for a flat plot. If the plots endure slants, then a plot tends to be auspicious when it comes to the south-west and north-east slope. If the slope is to the west, it may mark conflict amongst the individuals of the household and health hazards. A plot lying between two larger plots ought not to be chosen as it leads to poverty.

These were some demonstrated Vastu tips for plot selection. We hope you found them helpful. For plots with the best Vastu, visit Sterling Heights or Call us: 63663 70422

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