How is DTCP different from HMDA?

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How is DTCP different from HMDA?

You may have known about these terms – DTCP and HMDA, wherever at whatever point you experienced real estate. For what reason do they sound so comparative? What’s the distinction in any case? This blog will expound on the subtleties with regards to why there are two unmistakable administrative specialists. 

How about we start with understanding what they mean – DTCP represents the Directorate of Town and Country Planning, and HMDA represents Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority.

Directorate of Town and Country Planning (DTCP)

The essential obligations and elements of the Director of Town and Country Planning can be bifurcated into three classes – technical statutory functions, technical non-statutory functions, and advisory functions.

Technical Statutory Functions

  • DTCP gets ready General Town Planning Schemes (Master Plans)
  • It is liable for the readiness of Indicative Land Use Plans (Mandal Master Plans) 
  • DTCP gives all the technical approvals for plans of buildings, layouts, and commercial complexes.
  • DTCP is liable for the arrangement and endorsement of the distinctive sort of plans for community and public structures. 
  • DTCP endorses a wide range of technical clearance of establishments (Industries) and road improvement plans. 
  • It gives NOC to film theaters/multiplexes.

Technical non-statutory functions

DTCP is answerable for the assignment of IDSMT funds. Unfortunately, the plan is not accessible at this point as it was shut in 2005, and approved components work is in progress.

DTCP sanctions endorsement of plans for public and community buildings and recommends varieties to the authorized master plans.

Advisory functions

DTCP is an advisor to Telangana Industrial Infrastructure Corporation, Urban Development Authorities, Telangana Housing Board, Pollution Control Board of Telangana, Telangana Swagruha Housing Corporation, and Government on planning matters. It also directs on the choice concerning sites and services of Municipal Councils. DTCP Hyderabad, you can find many DTCP plots for sale in Hyderabad easily. DTCP, in general, has certain principles like HMDA. Let’s have a look at the roles of HMDA.

Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA)

The reason behind which HMDA was set up was fundamentally for arranging, coordinating, regulating, advancing, and securing the planned development of the Hyderabad Metropolitan Region. 

HMDA harmonizes the advancement activities of the municipal corporations, municipalities, and other local authorities, the Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board, the Telangana Transmission Corporation, the Telangana Industrial Infrastructure Corporation, State Road Transport Corporation of Telangana, and other such bodies. Here are some of the numerous essential jobs of the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority.

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HMDA fundamentally prepares the whole arrangement for the Metropolitan city. It attempts the arrangement of metropolitan development and venture plan, amendment of the plan, and focuses on its execution. 

It keeps up and deals with the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Fund and dispenses finances dependent on the plans and projects of the local bodies for undertaking the development of conveniences and infrastructural facilities.

HMDA additionally screens and exercises monetary command over the budgetary allotments concerning advancement works made through it to the different public organizations, local bodies, and other agencies.

HMDA fabricates and leads the Hyderabad Metropolitan Land Development Bank and takes up land procurement consistently as might be necessary for different public uses, township development, infrastructure development, and so on. 

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It endorses the land obtaining programs/recommendations of the local authorities, different offices, and functional organizations in the metropolitan region.

HMDA procures any portable or undaunted property by purchase, trade, gift, rent, mortgage, negotiated settlement, or by some other methods reasonable under any law.

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