Some Solid Reasons to Invest in Open Plots in Maheshwaram, Hyderabad by Sterling’s Eutopia

There are multiple areas in Hyderabad, where you want to invest in real estate and looking for open plots in maheshwaram seems to be a clever proposition these days. At present, Maheshwaram happens to be the most popular option for real estate investment destinations, where the location is primarily on the outskirts of the southern portion of Hyderabad.

Eutopia from our Sterling Heights will be one such gated community to look into if you are interested in investing in open plots in maheshwaram Hyderabad. But, first, learning the reasons is always a good short because a lot of your money remains at stake.

open plots in maheshwaram Hyderabad

Time to start with the location:

The Maheshwaram’s location is near the Bangalore Highway, Srisailam Highway, Outer Ring Road and Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. So, there will never be a commutation problem once you have planned to purchase our maheshwaram open plots from Sterling Heights.

  • The Telangana government is here and ready to transform this location into that much-needed growth corridor by bringing in industrial and commercial prospects to foster demand for the residential plots and some lands for sale within the said vicinity.
  • There are multiple industrial projects out there, which will make this place a landmark for all the real estate pros over here. We even have RERA and HMDA-approved gated community villa plots available over here in Maheshwaram, like our Eutopia from Sterling Heights, to give out a try.
  • The current open plots in maheshwaram will share the location’s potentiality, which is located within 1 km of the Outer Ring Road.

Right from the location to the upcoming and ongoing gated community villa projects, there are so many reasons to invest with us at Sterling Heights. Investing now will result in some bright responses later.

Checking in with the industrial prospects over here:

Right now, the Telangana State Industrial Infrastructure Corporation Ltd is all set to develop one Electronic Hardware Park, which will cover around 339.75 acres of land at Maheshwaram for manufacturing and assembling units and electronic products. The E-city of Electronic and Hardware Park as situated on this road is closer to our Sterling height’s Eutopia.

  • The world’s largest pharmaceutical industrial park, Hyderabad Pharma City is situated at 19000 acres of land and it has been made in Mucherla.
  • Our project deals with the Zero liquid discharge treatment procedure, which is another way to save the environment.
  • This Mucherla Pharma city is also a few minutes away from the location of our open plots in maheshwaram Hyderabad, under Eutopia. So, this Pharma world is going to be a game changer for those who are planning to invest in Maheshwaram these days.
  • Then you have some of the largest employment infrastructural hubs, which are located near Maheshwaram such as TCS, HCL, Tata Advanced Systems Limited, Wipro SEZ and more. 

Once you have planned to invest in us by purchasing plots in Eutopia, chances are high that you might get employed in any one of these big companies. Furthermore, there are well-known schools and shopping malls located near our gated community. So, there’s always a great way to build your kid’s bright future and get yourself entertained at the same time!

The specifications to follow with Sterling’s Eutopia:

Once you are looking for maheshwaram open plots, our Sterling’s Eutopia seems to be the first name that comes to your mind and for good reasons. Want to know more about our gated community? If so, then check out the specifications listed below for your reference.

  • We have a grand entrance with an arch at the front. You can visit our official website to check out the picture and get an idea.
  • You can try out the electrical connections of Eutopia with the armoured cabled.
  • Eutopia is a gated community with plots and will have a boundary wall for that extra level of protection around here.
  • Then you have the much-needed underground electrical cabling from us.
  • Then you have 100 feet of the main road, which is abutting with 40 feet and 30 feet of internal blacktopped roads.
  • You can enjoy the bore well water facilities, with the help of high-density polyethylene.
  • There are some harvesting chambers available for rainwater percolation.
  • You have the much needed underwater sump and that 15m overhead tank, which will provide assured water supply.
  • Our open plots in maheshwaram are highlighted with beautifully landscaped lush green parks, for enhancing greenery all around.
  • We have worked hard on our drainage connection with some of the eco-drain pipes along the line.
  • Enjoy 24 hours of security from our security office, with access control services around here in Eutopia.

All these points clearly portray why our Eutopia from Sterling Heights is one of the biggest options while looking for open plots in maheshwaram Hyderabad these days. The more you research, the better plans keep coming your way. This is an ongoing project and pre-booking your plot in a gated community right now is a clever decision to venture into.

Great transport infrastructure all along the way:

Eutopia is well located near some of the major transport infrastructures out there, like Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Gollapalli Bus Stop and even Thimmapur Railway Station. So, whether you want to travel by bus, plane or even train, you don’t have to spend a lot of time reaching out to these areas.

The location of Eutopia helps in holding that strong connectivity to the Outer Ring Road, Srisailam Highway, Mansanpalli highway and even the Bengaluru highway. These highways will then lead to some of the prominent proposed developments like the Electronic and Hardware city, Pharma city and more. Such top-notch connections make Eutopia one of the ideal destinations for you to invest in while looking for maheshwaram open plots these days.

Once you have checked out the features, it becomes easier to make the right choice. However, these plots are gaining quite some popularity among the masses, so hurry up!

Sterling Heights has some of the most outstanding projects to give out a try and Eutopia seems to be one of the top ones among the lot. It is true that the open plots within the gated community make Eutopia a great choice. Connect us by emailing at or give us a call at 63663 70422 now!

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