Reasons to Invest in Open Plots near the Pharma City Hyderabad?

At present, investing in open plots in pharma city is a big trend in the real estate sector. People would love to invest here once in their lifetime. Real estate is your answer to secure a future for the upcoming kids or earn some passive income.

All the major cities, including Hyderabad, have a higher real estate exposure. It is because of the significant settlements and the development of some new projects. 

From what we have seen in Sterling Heights, Hyderabad’s Pharma city is the new speculation that’s going around. It has already established a wide range of excitement.

So, there is always that substantial chance that we are well aware of the open plots near pharma city Hyderabad. So, grab the opportunity to invest in one of our plots in Pharma city and secure your future big time!

open plots near pharma city, hyderabad

Rates and some important notions:

People are all set to invest their hard-earned money towards open plots in this Pharma city. We have discussed some main reasons behind this investment to increase the amount invested in open plots near Pharma city.  

  • The rates for the open plots near pharma city Hyderabad are subject to increase mainly because of the infrastructure proposed by the Telangana State.
  • As per our recent statistics, it was found out that Hyderabad Pharma city will have the largest and latest possible infra facility within the pharmaceutical industrial park.
  • This current Pharma city is spread widely across 19333 acres. So, with us, you get the chance to purchase the best pharma city plots.
  • This Pharma Park, in question, is likely to be the most significant in this cluster. It is also a perfect solution for those pharma companies in infra, manufacturing, and some developing needs.
  • As a great investment opportunity from your side, you can buy some plots in Ibrahimpatnam from us at Sterling Heights. 
  • The Telangana government will present some fantastic benefits to pharmaceutical firms to their businesses in Hyderabad. 
  • The government is set to invest around 9.7 billion dollars. It will benefit around 5, 60,000 people by giving them employment. That’s why the rates of our open plots in this arena keep increasing.

Unique facilities by your side:

Our open plots in pharma city are likely to offer some unique integrated facilities. Some are proper use of natural gas for heating needs, solid waste management features, effluent treatment values at par with international standards and minimum air pollution with real-time monitoring. 

These features will make the land rates rather lucrative and also a perfect option for future investors. 

About our Pharma city project:

As expected from the points mentioned above, the pharmaceutical park near Hyderabad is the largest hub in the world. So, invest in our Sterling Heights, located nearby. This park covers 19,333 acres of land.

That makes it one of the massive industrial parks for the pharma production and development category.

  • Our project is located between the upcoming proposed regional ring road and the outer ring road. The Telangana government supervises the project.
  • It is expected to generate around 9.7 billion dollars in investment. That makes purchasing plots near the pharma city of Hyderabad a good option.
  • This Hyderabad Pharma City will add to the pharmaceutical value chain. It does that by developing it to cover some international standards. 
  • On the other hand, the National Investment Manufacturing Zone status was also granted to this project by the Indian government in December 2019. It has gotten the title of “Project of National Importance.”
  • People currently understand this project’s present value and gladly plan to invest in our open plots near the pharma city of Hyderabad
  • With globalization being the main centre of attraction, we believe that Hyderabad Pharma City is here to grow bigger and faster. It will even dominate the Hitech City.

Some advantages to investing in such plots:

Our team from Sterling Heights is always ready to show you some of the best pharma city plots to invest in. But before you do that, it is essential to judge some of the advantages that come along your way. 

  • Some developed and upscale localities surround our project. Some examples are Tukkuguda, Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Shamshabad, Mamidipally, Maheshwaram, and Mansanpally.
  • There are other reasons to invest in our open plots in pharma city. For expanding cloud computing services, Amazon wants to create two data centres near Hyderabad. It will address an investment of around $11.6 billion.
  • One centre will be of 5809 crores. It will be situated on over 48 acres of land in Meerkhanpet village. It falls under the Kandukur Mandal.

The best plot to purchase:

If you are currently looking for the best plots near pharma city Hyderabad, Sterling Height’s Eutopia is the main centre of attraction you can venture into. We have 70 acres of gated community plots located at Dubbacherla in Hyderabad.

  • It is a premium open plot available today and will act as significant savings shortly. 
  • Noted as one of the best open plots near pharma city Hyderabad, Eutopia from our side at Sterling Heights is an HMDA-approved gated community located near Maheshwaram.
  • It is an ideal location because it is closer to some of the primary schools, shopping centres and highways.
  • This project currently spans around 3 phases at the ORR Exit number 15. It is a master-planned gated community. It provides the ultimate world-class infrastructure. There are 24 x 7 facilities like water and power supply, top-notch amenities and more.

So, next time you look for the best pharma city plots, Eutopia from Sterling Heights will be the best option you can get your hands on big time. 

Visit Sterling Heights for some incredible experiences with open city plots in Pharma city. Eutopia is one such prominent example over here.

You get to learn more about its available features from us. Call them at 63663 70422 or email them at to learn more about the property.

Is Pharma city good for investments?

Yes, the Pharma cities have some major national and international importance in them, which make them a great spot to invest in. Open plots from Sterling Heights will seal the deal.

Is residential plot a great investment from your side?

To be honest, residential plots are some of the best investments you can get your hands on. It is great to buy an apartment that will generate higher capital returns later.

Where the current Pharma City is established?

The Hyderabad Pharma city is well situated in Kandukur, Kadthal, and yacharam of the Range Reddy District within the state of Telangana. Just make sure to visit us at Sterling Heights, where you will get the best open plots to invest in.

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