What are the Advantages of a South Facing Plot?

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Getting the opportunity to buy your dream house is really something big. It is a major investment from your side and you have been looking forward to it for the longest span of time. Among all the options available by your side, south facing plot seems to be the most common option that people are looking for these days. Have you ever thought about why?

The primary advantage of having a south-facing plot of land is the amount of sunlight you are likely to enjoy! As the sun rises in the east and is known to set in the west, the southern part of your house will get maximum sunlight throughout the day. Take advantage of that south facing plot vastu if you want to have a great garden to spend some relaxing time with your friends and family!

What are the Advantages of a South Facing Plot?

Sterling’s Eutopia- the best example

The next time you are looking forward to a south west plot vastu, look no further and book the plot from Sterling’s Eutopia right away! It is your golden chance to own a premium open plot today and get to save big for your upcoming future. 

  • In case you are making plans to invest in open plots in and around the Hyderabad region, then this Eutopia is your one-stop solution.
  • Located in Mansanpally in Dubbacheria, Sterling’s Eutopia is an HMDA-approved gated community, located near Maheshwaram. 
  • The place is noted to be an ideal location because of the highly sought-after area closer to major schools, shopping centres, and highways!
  • This area is known to have typically higher proper values than the ones, farther away from these amenities out there.
  • Sterling’s Eutopia happens to be one of the major ongoing projects all across Maheshwaram. It is targeted to be a 70-acre project, which is spanning around 3 different phases at the ORR Exit Number 15.
  • Also known as a master-plan gated community, Sterling’s Eutopia is known for its world-class amenities, followed by top-notch infrastructure and facilities like a 24 x 7 power supply and water flow.

Get on with the specifications

It is always mandatory for you to check out the specifications of the south west facing plot before you plan to invest in any. The same rule is applicable while looking for Sterling’s Eutopia now. So, let’s get right into the details, before making an investment from your side.

  • The grand entrance of Sterling’s Eutopia is shaped like an Arch to give that majestic look to it. You can check the official website at Sterling’s Eutopia for details on its look.
  • On the other hand, it is targeted to be a top-level gated community with plots within a boundary wall.
  • It has a 100 feet main road, which is abutting with around 40 feet and 30 feet of internal blacktopped roads.
  • There is always the addition of Borewell water supply, with the help of higher density polyethene.
  • Then you have the power of using harvesting chambers, designed for rainwater percolation.
  • Sterling’s Eutopia is known for its underground sump along with a 15m overhead tank. It provides an assured water supply 24 x 7. So, you won’t get into any water running troubles later.
  • All the electrical connections of Sterling’s Eutopia are well protected with armoured cables and there is also underground electrical cabling.
  • Then there is high street lighting, which helps in showering light to even the darkest path. So, you are never going to tumble over, while going for a night walk with your family or friends.
  • The beautiful landscape is full of lush green parks, which give that natural look to the entire plot of land.
  • Then you have a perfect drainage connection with some eco-drain pipes over here.
  • You will enjoy 24 hours of security once you plan to stay in a south-facing plot in Sterling’s Eutopia. There are security offices available with access control services for you.

Situated at a convenient location and in the middle of a good neighbourhood, Sterling’s Eutopia is here with lots of features and convenience right at your doorstep. It is definitely going to prove to be a piece of heaven for your family. 

The benefits of a south-facing house

You have always wanted to invest in a south open plot, but have you ever wondered why? The primary advantage of the south facing house is the amount of sunlight you are going to enjoy.

  • Here, you will see most of the sunlight all around. So, fulfil all your summer dreams once you planned to stay at Sterling’s Eutopia.
  • Your living room will get the most of natural lighting, which is another major consideration in choosing your new south-facing house or plot for a comfortable stay all around.

Get the chance to grow more plants

If you are green-fingered, then south facing plot like Sterling’s Eutopia is always better for growing a bigger range of flowers and plants. But, you must remember that due to extreme sun rays, the soils tend to get a bit drier so you have to do a lot more watering than usual. But, that’s a small price to pay if you want to enjoy an outstanding outcome. 

  • Dry and sunny borders are amazing for growing tulips, irises, petunia and even sweet peas. 
  • If you want and have the space available, then you can grow crab apple trees and even climbing roses to enhance the beauty of your place.

Choose to bear the considerations in mind

There are some considerations to bear in mind while opting for south open plots. If the houses or trees are obscuring the sun, then you might not see the benefits of southerly orientation. But, you can always catch up with the best south-facing open plots from the house of Sterling Heights.

We are always venturing into the world of new plots and residential areas and our Sterling’s Eutopia is the prime example of south open plot you can give out a try. To learn about the amenities, visit our website right away!

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