Which is the Best Gated Community for a Plot Investment in Mokila?

While trying to purchase your own house, you might run through several doubts. One of the major confusions is whether to opt for gated community plots in Hyderabad or not. Such gated communities are widely enclosed within boundaries, which are well-maintained and guarded. You get the chance to procure multiple benefits by moving on with these apartments rather than non-gated ones.

Now, searching the vast world of the internet will let you come across multiple open plots for sale in Hyderabad. How can you possibly choose the best one among the lot? Well, welcome to the world of Sterlings Palm Retreat, noted as one of the best plots in Hyderabad under gated community. Let’s delve right into some details about the retreat now!

Which is the best gated community for a plot investment in Mokila?

Sterling’s Palm Retreat – an overview:

Also known as the Palm Retreat, Sterlings Palm Retreat is one of the most promising gated community plots in mokila and the brainchild of Sterling Heights.

  • This has been one dream project that was inspired to bring life to untouched spaces in Mokila.
  • Noted as one of the best gated community plots in Hyderabad, Sterlings Palm Retreat is situated on 3 acres of open plots along with surrounding greenery.
  • This retreat is known to hold its own identity as one exotic architectural masterpiece with some modern luxuries in life.
  • Targeted as one best option under open plots for sale in Hyderabad, Sterlings Palm Retreat is an exotic architectural beauty with modern life amenities.
  • This plot is well-equipped with modern and state-of-the-art infrastructure along with major support systems.
  • All these points will make your stay not just comfortable, but even memorable!

So, it is not that hard to state that Sterling’s Palm Retreat is the ultimate destination for some of the top-notch plots in Hyderabad. It is an ultimate investment destination within gated community plots in Mokila.

From here, you get to venture into a portfolio of luxurious villas. These plots are known for their elegant taste and then matched with the modern specifications and needs of the 21st century. In order to dream big, now you know where you look for!

Major highlights to venture into:

Before you proceed further with these gated community plots in mokila, remember to check in with some highlights. As it is a major investment from your side, it is mandatory to know if you are making the right decision with the investment plan.

  • As mentioned earlier, Sterlings Palm Retreat is located on 3 acres of the exclusive gated plot of land. It is on 120 FT Radial road 7, and connects Kollu exit ORR to the Shankarpally Mokila Road, just beside Indus International School.
  • The Sterlings Palm Retreat is an HMDA-approved project.
  • From here, you will be receiving premium quality services to help make your living experience memorable.
  • For better work and long-lasting results, individual electrical and drainage connections or CPVC pipes have been used. These pipes are installed underground in every one of the gated community plots in Hyderabad.
  • All the connections are well clamped to the CRS basement.
  • The projects are known to have Manjeera and bore water supply pipes, available to every plot.
  • There is a grand entrance to the villa with an Arch. Log online at Strelings Palm Retreat to see the details.
  • Each plot is well connected to the ramp. From here, you will receive all east-facing plots.
  • The open plots for sale in Hyderabad are now available from 275 square yards to 485 square yards. There you have a total of 20 plots available here.
  • Then there is an underground sump of around 20,000 liters of tank capacity along with a septic tank. There are 2 bore wells available for a period of 24 hours of water supply.
  • Then you have telephone intercom cables with provision for internet cables and DTH available with these plots.
  • To make this plot a memorable one for everyone, there is rainwater harvesting percolation available.
  • You have a high compound wall, surrounding the entire project, for that extra level of security all around.
  • The roads are around 33 feet, especially the internal wide road. It is mainly the vacuumed dewatered flooring with a concrete grading of 6-inch thickness.
  • For making the plots in Hyderabad greener, you will have lush green parks with thickly grown plantations all around. Each one of the plots is well landscaped with 4 different varieties of fruit bearings.
  • All the plots from Sterlings Palm Retreat are Vaastu Compliant. So, you can easily move into your new place right when you get the possession. There’s is nothing you need to change.
  • For an extra level of security, you have higher secured solar fencing and a 24-hour surveillance camera.
  • The landscapes have widespread footpaths. That helps in combining the entire beauty of the plot together.
  • To top it all, Sterlings Palm Retreat has high street lightning. So, even during the dead end of the night, there is light to guide you through your path.
  • Lastly, you get the chance to enjoy organic landscaping with various kinds of fruits and vegetable bearings.

Whether you want to stay in the midst of nature or planning to enjoy an organic plantation where you stay, Sterlings Palm Retreat is the ultimate resort you can match up with. Don’t forget to check out the gallery to get a glimpse of what awaits you. Once you start living here in Sterlings Palm Retreat, you won’t think of looking for another plot for sure, in Mokila!

One of the cleanest gated community plots in mokila, Sterlings Palm Retreat is well approved by banks! Right now, there are residential plots available from present owners in Mokila! So, take this opportunity now to get the ultimate help with a gated community.

To know more about such gated communities, please visit and find the plot of your dreams! Now, finding your dream place is just a click away!

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