Why Owning a Plot in a Gated Community Make so Much Sense in Today’s World?

Reasons for owning a plot in a gated community

Among the dreams that individuals hold dear in life, one of the most memorable ones would be to invest in real estate in a location that is so close to their hearts, no matter how many dreams may have come and gone. Nothing can match the dream of such a magnitude where one plans so deliberately and goes through the execution process so meticulously. After all, it is not one person’s dream alone but also of the others in the investor’s family who hold a stake in it.

At the same time, it is one of the most challenging and unenviable decisions an investor has to make. Besides the financial aspects, the physical and psychological toll that a special real estate investment takes on investors is huge.  For all said and done, it should prove satisfying for the primary stakeholder in the end.

An investor is, after all, putting most of his/her hard-earned money in the deal of a lifetime to buy a plot in a gated community. Of course, some people buy a piece of land purely for investment purposes while others do so for seeing their dream home come up there.

Why living in gated communities can be truly special?  

Unlike in the last millennium, especially in India, owning a farmhouse, villa, or apartment in a gated community was something people had not yet warmed to. The times have, however, changed. New-economy along with it has ushered in new dreams and upended traditional ways of living. Now, people have realized that gated communities exude a charm of their own. They provide security while providing privacy through communal living. Residents of the entire gated community are now bearing collectively the expenses of security that has now become high-tech.

Along with surveillance and drone cameras in place, guards, who are assigned the task of protecting such communities, have with them sophisticated contraptions to safeguard families living there and valuables that they own. Speeding within localities is automatically curbed with the use of technology, allowing prepubescent children and aged people to move about that shared space without fear. Similarly, there won’t be issues with noise exceeding levels considered unhealthy for human habitations.   

Other reasons for buying plots in gated communities

Individuals buying plots in gated communities build houses according to their convenience. Each to his own would be the mantra here. While one person in the neighborhood would want to build a duplex house, another would want to build a house in a quadrangle without any floors above the ground.  Here, it must be mentioned that the approach and the surroundings are as per the discretion of the developer.

When it comes to how shared amenities should be designed, a consensus can be arrived at by the different plot owners as to how they would want the clubhouse, gym, swimming pool, tennis, squash, and badminton courts, among others, to look like.     

Community living bonds people in strange ways. For instance, well-planned cities in India like Chandigarh, Bengaluru, Gurgaon, etc. have shown how thoughtful conceptualization and fashioning of neighborhoods have borne fruitful results in the development of responsible citizens.  

Apart from the advantages discussed, a gated community can still be very close to a metropolis and yet be different in terms of a wholesome lifestyle, improved civic amenities, less noise, and more. Owners of homes in gated communities can afford the luxury of treating their visitors in their unique styles.

Although people are valuing privacy more, the fact of the matter remains that people still need to feel connected to other humans.  It is this specific need that plots in a gated community cater to.  Secondly, flat owners are learning much to their dismay that the depreciation value of their assets is a fact that they have to live with. The same is not the case with a home in a gated community as it can be razed to the ground and a new structure can take its place. All this can happen while the worth of the plot keeps appreciating. For this very reason, plots, unlike apartments, make for long-lasting investments.

If owning a plot in a gated community appeals to you, please contact us at Sterling Heights to realize your dreams. 

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